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Cloud Computing

Are your information systems in the cloud or are they more down to earth? 
Have you seen Microsoft's latest Office 365 and Dynamics CRM?
Wondering how the cloud can benefit your office?
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Custom Software

We get to know your business to design software that is a perfect fit.
Need to interface your new system "A" with the old "B" system?  We  help with that!
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Shared IT/Tech Service

Need some IT support but not enough to justify a new hire?
Our Shared IT/Tech Service reserves the number of techie hours you need each month without the expense of hiring more staff. 
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Oh, your capital budget called...

Moving one or two critical applications to the Azure cloud saves server costs plus the cost to keep it all secured, up and running.

Need  a website you can manage yourself without designers or programmers?

Then you need a content management system and we can help with several options available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform instead of a dusty computer under a desk in some office.  Let us demonstrate what you can do at no cost to your business.

Oh, you can actually afford this.

The web is global so we are local wherever you are.

Let us introduce you to Azure cloud based services like Office 365, Skype for Business and Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM). These are robust, professional and secure computing services. 

You could move everything to the cloud but most offices are not ready for such a change.  How about trying just one to start?

Our customers should realize higher computing value and a lower computing budget. We handle everything and explain it all without confusing jargon.  Isn't that what your business really needs?

We are IT Advizr, LLC

You deserve real business value from your technology budget.  Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis and everywhere in between: Contact us for a consultation visit and a free second opinion on your computing strategy.   

Interested in cloud hosted software solutions made for colleges and universities?  If so, please visit our Campus Web Apps site at (opens in a new tab/page)