Cloud Computing-just what is that?

Everyone seems to have a different definition for this stuff.  What do we mean by cloud computing? 

Simple:  Instead of running your mission critical applications from a dusty old PC sitting under a desk in the office, your applications are run from state of the art redundant and secure servers owned by Microsoft, Amazon, Google or any number of quality providers of cloud computing services.  Every provider does things a little differently but they really have a lot in common.

We are a Microsoft Partner so we use and recommend Microsoft's Azure world-wide cloud computing platform.  Azure is actually provided from many locations or sites around the world as are Google's and Amazon's offerings but, again, we are a Microsoft Partner so we will focus on Azure for this discussion.

Now, Azure consists of many different services, some of which you use everyday without knowing.  For example, when you use Bing to search the web, that all happens through the Azure network.  Also, Xbox-360 uses Azure as does Office-365 and many websites and databases (IT Advizr uses Azure for all our websites and databases).

As of early 2016, Azure is available in 19 regions around the world with more planned.

Watch this long video  or a shorter version  on Microsoft's Azure Datacenters to get a quick understanding of how massive the Azure system is.  Remember though, Azure is also user friendly and far more cost effective than running your mission critical applications and websites on an old PC sitting under a desk.