Your capital budget called...

and it needs your help to loose a little weight

You don't need to buy this datacenter to do business.

You wouldn't build a hydroelectric dam to provide electricity to your business.  You purchase the electricity you need from a utility provider.  So, why build your own datacenter now that computing power is available as a utility?

Leading businesses buy computing much the same as they purchase electricity, water, gas and other utilities paying for what they use and no more.  Purchasing computing as a utility is a great way to improve your company's bottom line.

At ITAdvizr LLC, we use Microsoft's Azure datacenters for server and application hosting and your business can do the same. 

Year after year, businesses buy expensive racks of servers that slowly depreciate with no real value after a few years. 
It makes business sense to pay for the computing power your business needs and no more.
You own and control your own data and the expense of securing your systems is reduced or eliminated. 

With Microsoft Azure, your computing expenses are just that - expenses...deductible business expenses.  You can move databases, web applications, even complete servers to the Azure cloud platform.  We help get you there.

All that plus your computing power is easily scaled up or down to meet any demand.

Maybe you are not ready to move everything to the cloud.  We can start by moving just one server or application to the cloud.  Contact us to begin the discussion.  There is no charge for our initial consultation so you have nothing to lose and a healthy bottom line to gain..