IT Advizr Shared IT/Tech Service

Every office needs some level of IT support but the need is often not enough to justify a new full time hire.  Besides, if you hire someone with one skill, you will soon need someone with other skills.  Rather than hire your own IT team, we invite you to consider our Shared IT/Tech Service.  Here is how it works.

We meet to discuss your situation and unique needs.  There is no charge for the initial meeting so lets get started right away.

Next, we propose a number of IT support hours you are likely to need per week or month.  You may reserve more or fewer hours and there is no long term contract for the service.  We provided the agreed upon service hours at a reduced rate making the service an even better deal.  Our proposal also includes reduced rates for more senior technicians, programmers, system administrators, trainers and other skills you might need instead of your regularly scheduled support technician.  These skill upgrades are based on staff availability.

We include an online (Skype for Business) service planning call once per week or month, as necessary between your office and one of our supervisory staff.  This call is used to gather your immediate needs and to arrange the service delivery date and time.  Since there is no contract, you may stop the service at will.